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Meet the director & head coach - Julie Hazelhurst

Julie enjoys a multi-faceted career as a business consultant, a professional corporate coach and a dynamic corporate speaker. Yet, at the heart of everything she does is a single passion: unlocking people’s potential.

Julie's vision was realised when she launched her coaching career in 2004 and she has since taken this passion into the business world where she delivers a range of people-performance strategies to corporate and Government organisations throughout New Zealand. Julie designs, implements and facilitates leadership, change and productivity programmes for organisations across all industries to maximise business performance through the very talent and potential of the people within the business - unlocking what's always been there.

As a professional & accredited coach, Julie uses proven coaching methodologies to assist people identify and achieve their success. Maximising the potential of people is Julie’s mantra and she enjoys working with management, workplace teams and individuals to inspire, educate, motivate and empower them to achieve their desired goals.

As a dynamic presenter and experienced speaker, Julie is also in demand for her motivating and change-inspiring presentations, which she delivers to corporate audiences throughout New Zealand. Julie is able to speak on a wide variety of topics including Change Management Capability, Productivity and Lean-thinking Initiatives, as well as Leadership Development and Positive Workplace Cultures.

Julie has a Bachelor of Commerce degree (majoring in business economics and organisational psychology) and a diploma in health & nutrition. She is a certified Psychometric Tester and is committed to on-going personal and professional development. Julie truly believes that learning is a hands-on practice and she lives what she teaches. She draws from anecdotal real-life experiences to teach tools and techniques that are proven. She has managed to blend her earlier career as a financial analyst with her skills as an accredited and experienced coach to offer a formidable package - giving businesses everything they need to make the most of their number-one asset: the people who work for them.

What could you and your business gain from a Coaching intervention?

Where do your priorities lie? 

Julie and her associates deliver a range of personal development and professional coaching services for individuals and businesses committed to achieving their optimal success.  

Our range of leadership, change, productivity and performance programmes have been successfully delivered to New Zealand businesses since 2004. From large blue chip organisations, to government institutions, to small and not-for-profit businesses, Julie Hazelhurst has delivered staggering results.

Our Mission Statement:

To inspire others to be extraordinary, and empower them to stay that way...


"I have worked with Julie for 5 years now in our business, with my staff, and in my professional development . She has shown me how to achieve my maximum potential. Our sales have increased by 30% over 3 consecutive years and I am much improved in managing my staff"

Insurance & Lending Group - AMP

"It's pleasing to note how quickly the motivation and commitment has occurred, reinforcing the deep seated effectiveness - We have quite obviously made some fundamental changes to the way we think and work"

General Manager
Hansells Food Group

"In my 25 years of business I have attended numerous conferences and seminars and never have I before come across someone as capable of motivating and inspiring a group of people to change behaviour and focus on a desired outcome"

Managing Director
Forme Spa

"Excellent delivery of material"

"Interesting and informative"

"Very engaging dynamic speaker - would definitely hear her speak again"

"Not enough time to do her justice - but an empowering speaker"

Attendee Comments
EMA Managers Conference 2011